Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hold up...Merry Christmas

This post is a little delayed because I completely unplugged for the holidays and it was AMAZING!

I have some digging to do at the Historical Society! When they took out the old sidewalk from when we renovated our building before, they found the foundation of an old brick building and a lot of asphalt.  While this is an exciting archeological find, it will have a financial impact and an impact on the schedule.  This is very comon in any construction project, especially if you are renovating an existing property.  Once we understand the impact of this new piece of the puzzle, we will review our wish list and determine if we need to value engineer or scal something back a little to cover the costs and/or time.  Stay tuned for an update soon.  We are still accepting donations!  Click here and follow the second link.

James Blythe met with the fire Marshall to finalize fire protection requirements and submitted the building permits. Jim Johns and Jeremy Marquis submitted the final 10 set review.  We are ready to go on the rest of the project as soon as we have a first floor.   Unfortunately, due to the ceiling height, we cannot get large enough equipment in to excavate the old building. Therefore, we cannot drive piles.  We were able to get all the pile required on the outside, unfortunately, Gina Hill will have to go back to the drawing board on a new solution for the first floor. In the meantime, so we don't burn through our budget, Andy Ade recommended we send everything home until we have the plan to move forward with the floor. We will go ahead and order items that require a long lead time such as HVAC equipment, fire protection system, roofing, etc. -- that way, we don't have to wait for these items later.

James going down to check out this building.

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